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The Symposium....

SPEDucators are proud to say that the Symposium is free to all participants.  We are grateful to our team, presenters, and volunteers who donate their time and resources to ensure this opportunity can be made available at no cost to all participants.  


Purdue Polytechnic High School
Damar Charter Academy
Marian University
Victory College Prep
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vendors (more Coming soon)


  • "It was a great day! I hope to be able to return for the 4th Symposium!"

  • "This was a very worthwhile day."  

  • "One of the best symposiums I have attended in 40 years of teaching!"

  • "I felt this was one of the most informative professional developments I've attended in a while."

  • "It was a wonderful day of learning!"

  • "This conference is always amazing.  I believe all school staff benefit from the sessions"

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