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Five years ago, the SPEDucators, in order to address an identified need for high quality professional development opportunities, planned the first Special Education Symposium.  Since this time, the Symposium has continued to grow to include not only the charter community but also educators from across the state including many districts and parochial settings.   


SPEDucators are proud to say that the Symposium is free to all participants.  We are grateful to our team, presenters, and volunteers who donate their time and resources to ensure this opportunity can be made available at no cost to all participants.  


There are many available resources and supports for students with disabilities and their teachers.

Please click below to be directed to various available resources.

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Several years ago Indianapolis area special education charter school leaders began meeting to leverage supports for students and collaborate on issues unique to the charter community. 


From this, a network of SPEDucators was formed to identify ways to effectively support students with disabilities, families, and area special education teachers and leaders.  

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